Program Overview

Decision Points Authors LLC provide an evidence-based correctional program constructed to address offender risk, needs, and responsivity.

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Decision Points is an open-entry cognitive behavior intervention program designed for delivery with youth and adult populations in contact with the justice system. The program is built on the principle of the “Strategy of Choices”, and equips participants with alternative ways to examine their thinking and the related actions that lead them into trouble.

The program can be delivered as both a brief intervention and a more intensive intervention with extended program length.  

Decision Points has been pilot tested and implemented with youth and adult groups in a range of correctional settings. 

Authors of Decision Points include Juliana Taymans, Ph.D., Jack Bush, Ph.D., and Steven Swisher, M.Ed, MS, nationally known for their program development of Thinking for a Change, along with Charles Robinson, who has worked in probation services at the federal and county levels. 

How Does This Benefit My Agency?

We contract with agencies to prepare staff to facilitate and/or support the program. The 2. 5 day training provides the preparation and materials needed to facilitate the
program and to provide quality assurance monitoring.

If your agency nominees are accepted to attend the Decision Points training, you will have trained facilitators qualified to and capable of delivering Decision Points within your agency’s offender programs.

As an open-entry/open-exit program, Decision Points can be delivered as a brief intervention or more intensive intervention with extended length, allowing for your agency to have increased capacity to provide offenders with the skills they seek for improvement.

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Key Program Elements

  • Evidence-based correctional program constructed to address risk, needs and responsivity​.

  • Targets anti-social thoughts and skill deficits through an interactive cognitive-behavioral approach.

  • Developed for flexible delivery across settings and available time with open entry/exit option.

  • Constructed of five comprehensive learner-centered lessons fostering continuous delivery.

  • Built for easy implementation, sustainability and cost containment.

  • Effective as an independent program or delivered in tandem with other behavioral programming.​

  • Program integrity managed through a scripted curriculum, program oversight, professional development and coaching.