Jack Bush

Jack Bush is an independent consultant in corrections and criminal justice with an emphasis in cognitive behavioral programs for offenders, communication with offenders, and strategies of correctional intervention.

During his correctional career, Jack has held the following positions:

  • Director, Drug Offender Treatment Program, Western State Hospital, Fort Steilacoom, Washington
  • Therapy Supervisor, Mentally Ill Offender Program, Western State Hospital, Fort Steilacoom, Washington
  • Director, Mentally or Emotionally Disturbed Program, Correctional Treatment Programs, Oregon State Hospital, Salem, Oregon

Jack has authored/co-authored the following programs used in corrections:

  • Cognitive Self Change, a cognitive restructuring program for offenders. CSC teaches offenders concrete skills for changing their own thinking. Cognitive Self Change is currently delivered in America, England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Finland, and Australia. Published 1988, with revisions through 2012.
  • Thinking for a Change, a cognitive skills program combining cognitive restructuring, social skills, and problem solving. Developed in cooperation with The National Institute of Corrections. With Barry Glick and Juliana Taymans. Published 1993.
  • Cognitive Self Change in a Therapeutic Community. With Phoenix House and the Vermont Department of Corrections. This program presents cognitive self-direction skills in the context of the social influence of structured therapeutic communities. Published 2008.
  • The Self Direction Program, a cognitive change program for women offenders. With the Department of Program Services, the Vermont Department of Corrections. Published 2009.
  • Numerous cognitive treatment programs for offenders at local sites throughout the United States. 1988-2012.

Jack has been actively involved in cognitive-behavioral interventions since 1979. He has published numerous articles and chapters for several books. Dr. Bush also consults internationally throughout Europe and Australia.