Juliana Taymans

Dr. Juliana Taymans is professor of special education at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. 

Dr. Taymans has been a consultant with NIC since 1991 developing training and curricula on cognitive-behavioral interventions. She has provided training and technical assistance to over 50 correctional agencies implementing cognitive-behavioral interventions.

Juliana has authored/co-authored the following programs used in corrections:

  • Problem Solving Skills in Action 
  • Thinking for a Change 
  • Communicating for Change: Line Staff Management of Youthful Offenders through Active Communication
  • The Domestic Violence Education Program 
  • Decision Points

Dr. Taymans was on the authoring team for the original Thinking for a Change as well as versions 3.0/3.1. Juliana also works on instructional design projects for the U. S. Department of Education to develop courses for adult educators.

Juliana has been actively involved in cognitive-behavioral interventions since 1987. In addition to her work with NIC, she is a trainer for the University of Kansas, Center for Research on Learning, on cognitive-behavioral interventions for youth with learning disabilities. 

Dr. Taymans also writes chapters and books on the topic (For example, Chapter 3 of  Learning to Achieve: A Professional’s Guide to Educating Adults with Learning Disabilities.)