DP Poster Champion-Ohio!

winning poster

As part of the Decision Points Advanced Practicum (DPAP) which prepares qualified DP facilitators to train staff from within their current agency; a charting contest is held mid-training to determine the “best chart maker” .  In the recently held DPAP, February 26-March 1, 2019, hosted by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections in London, OH, the award went to Kyle Billingsly for his clever graphic rendition of the DP Group Rules.  Congratulations!

Proof Positive! Decision Points Works at Sub-Zero Temps


During the Arctic Polar Vortex the week of February 5-7, 2019 two foolhardy but determined Decision Points trainers undertook a snowy windblown trek to deliver the Decision Points Facilitator Training for Tri County Community Corrections in Crookston, MN.  Seventeen hardy Minnesotans successfully completed the 20-hour training experience in grueling weather conditions ranging from -31 degrees to -6 degrees with constantly blowing arctic air. 

KUDOS! Crookston, MN—for the real proof, DP works in sub-zero conditions.

Decision Points goes international

Canadian flag

The Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Justice and Policing, recently expanded its continuum of cognitive behavioral interventions with offender populations to include Decision Points. In September, DP trainers traveled to Saskatoon, CN to deliver the Decision Points Facilitator Training to a cadre of 25 criminal justice professionals from across the Province.

DPA thanks its friends in Canada for their interest and belief in DP.

New! Decision Points: Driving Under the Influence

DPA LLC is pleased to announce the availability of a new program, DECISION POINTS: Driving Under the Influence (Decision Points: DUI).

DUI course manual

DPA LLC partnered with the Clark County District Court Probation, Vancouver, WA to create a skill based program targeting individuals under the supervision of the courts due to DUI violations. Designed as a learner-centered skill-based program, the new curriculum encompasses all of the elements of Decision Points but specifically includes additional key coping skills DUI clients may incorporate into their decision making process. The Decision Points: DUI was field-tested by the Clark County District Court Probation staff.

Decision Points: DUI consists of five (5) lessons and supports the same open entry/exit feature as Decision Points. The program duration can be tailored to meet individual and agency needs. Initial staff training for Decision Points: DUI is 24-hours (3-days).

DPA LLC would like to hear from other agencies who would be interested in field-testing or implementation opportunities with DUI clients. Interested agencies should contact us at decisionpointsprogram.com.

Decision Points en español!

As a service to our clients who serve larger Spanish speaking populations, we provide the Decision Point (DP) participant handouts translated into Spanish for their use. While the manual is not translated into Spanish for the facilitators, using the key Decision Points handouts in Spanish gives individuals participating in the program, where English is a second language, some support in more quickly recognizing and using the skills content of the program.

Staff trained as DP facilitators can request electronic copies of the ¨Decision Points Supplements en Español¨ by contacting DPA LLC at decisionpointsprogram@gmail.com.